Monday, 19 January 2009

My Girlfriends....

One of the toughest parts of being a military family is not having your family around. You never realize how much your family helps you out until you are thousands of miles away from home and in a situation that forces you to deal with things on your own with the help of the new “family” that God has put in your life.
We have been through several deployments and as everyone knows, no deployment is complete until you have made at least one trip to the ER. God has blessed with amazing friends. I am very particular about who I allow in my life and who I would call a friend. I am cautious and skeptical of most people. My skepticism has had a positive and negative impact on my life. Life can be pretty difficult when you have 3 kids who need to be in 3 different places at the same time; especially when your spouse is deployed and you don’t have someone who you trust to help you with your kids. On the other hand, when I do leave my kids with someone, I know that they are in good hands. I know that whoever I am leaving them with will treat my children right and not let them get away with murder.
I have come to call the few ladies in my life who I consider my friends, my sisters. They are here for me no matter what. Tanya, Michelle, Meg, Heidi, Shannon, & Amy got me through some of the toughest times I have ever had to deal with. I knew that if I ever needed anything, I could call them no matter the time and they would be there for me. I think that is why leaving Fl was so hard for me. Yes you guys moved away, but you were just a phone call away. God answered my prayers by moving us to England because I said that if Tanya and Heidi weren’t going to be there, I didn’t want to be there either. You guys taught me how to be a true friend, and I will always be indebted to you for that.
Tanya, you brought a piece of home to me in Fl. When you were there I was never homesick, because you were a part of home. You also shared your beautiful baby girl with me!
Michelle, you have no idea how much I miss standing outside on our carport talking for hours. Do you remember how funny it was when our husbands and kids kept coming out ever 5 mins to see if we were ok?
Meg, you got my booty moving and built me up when I needed it. You were there for me anytime I needed to talk. You were going through hell and you still managed to make Allen a great birthday dinner.
Heidi, I miss you so much! I miss looking outside and seeing your truck in the drive way. I miss seeing Arik drooling after my girls and telling me he is going to marry them. Thank God I get to see you every time we go home. I guess that is one good thing about the army….
Shannon, you were the best Valentines date ever! Even though I hate that stupid day, you selflessly gave birth to Jack, so that I could have a reason not to hate it! I miss all of the chaos that we caused when we took all of our kids out together. Never a dull moment!
Amy, you brought us all together. You were the glue that held us together and without you we wouldn’t have had our little clique. I miss having hair dying parties and you running outside to jump on the trampoline! Oh wait, you weren’t jumping, you were saving Noah. Every time I think about that I laugh til my tummy hurts.
When we moved to England, I expected this huge welcome wagon that never came. I expected to walk into this amazing squadron with amazing support and it wasn’t there (they are getting a good start on a new spouses group.)
I met a few people, but nobody really bothered to invite us over for dinner or game night. I started to figure out that people don’t really wanna be your friend if you have a big family. It’s kinda like people think “man it would be really great to hang out with you, if only you didn’t have all those kids.” I used to get my feelings hurt, but then I started talking to all of my friends who have 3 or more kids and they all agree. People with 1 or 2 kids are intimidated by people who have more than 3 kids.
In March of last year, God answered my prayers. The Asbury Gang moved in next door. They call themselves a gang because; that’s pretty much what they are. Nick and Melissa were high school sweethearts and they have SEVEN kids! They have 6 boys and in May they finally had a baby girl. We hit it off almost immediately.
They have the same child rearing technique that Allen and I have. They don’t freak out over stupid stuff. They live their life for their kids. Melissa and I always joke that we may look like the welfare queens, but our kids are ALWAYS dressed nice. It drives us crazy to see people who are really well put together and their kids look like trash. They don’t blow their money on drinking and partying. They spend their money on their kids. She is the most amazing budget-er (is that a word?) that I have ever met.
Melissa you gave me a reason to like England. What took you so long to get here?
Military spouses form bonds with women who have completely different backgrounds. We don’t have the option of taking our time and getting to know someone. I don’t know very many people in the real world who can say that their lifetime friends would be there for them, no matter what.
We are on the final leg of this deployment, and I was just thinking about how much God has blessed me. Tonight I just wanted to say thank you to all of my sisters! Even though we don’t talk everyday and we live all over the world, I hope you know how much you mean to me and how much I love all of you!

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Happy Birthday Martina!

Tomorrow is January 12th. To most people that is an ordinary day, but to me that is the day that my life changed forever. That was the day that I held my baby girl in my arms for the first time. I can’t believe it was 15 years ago!

Martina was in no way a planned pregnancy and she knows this, she knows that her father and I were teenagers and we tried our best to make it work, but we were just too young. Martina has had a rough life, to say the least. She remembers all of the fighting and yelling and violence. She remembers her father and I splitting up. She had a rough start to her life and she has still managed to blossom into the most amazing 15 year old I have ever had the privilege to meet.

Sometimes when I look at Martina, I just sit and stare at her in awe. My little girl was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy when she was 5 years old. She was supposed to be in a wheel chair by the time she was 12. She wasn't supposed to have a normal life, but she has proved all of those Drs wrong. God has had his hand in every aspect of Martina’s life since the day she was born.

God has used Martina to teach me patience, perseverance, and most of all unconditional love. This young lady loves everyone! She loves people who I think should just be wiped of the face of the earth. When I am ready to lose my mind and go off on someone because their stupidity is more than I can take, she calmly says to me “mom, it isn’t their fault, everybody has a bad day.” When she tells me this I don’t react like I should, I normally say something like, “Martina, stupid people have no place in this world.” I know I haven’t set a very good example to my children, but somehow they have all managed to grow into amazing people.

Martina I am so proud of you and I couldn’t have asked for a better first born. You have grown up with me these past 15 years and although it has sometimes been a bumpy road, you have never lost faith and given up.

I love you!

Monday, 10 November 2008

The Quiet Warriors!

This was sent to me by the leader of our FRG.

The Quiet Warriors!

Wikipedia describes Veterans Day as “an annual American holiday honoring military veterans.” It goes on to describe a veteran as “a person who has or is working in the armed forces, or a person who has had long service or experience in an occupation or office.

At the risk of alienating my brothers and sisters in arms with whom I served more than thirty years, and without disrespecting, in any way, those warriors who have sacrificed much more than I could even imagine, there is another group of “veterans” we sometimes forget to honor, even take for granted, but should be honored right along those who have worn a uniform. They too are Warriors. They’re the Quiet Warriors.

We don't have a holiday in their honor. They just go on doing what we expect of them and reap no real benefits from their sacrifices. I've often said, and have always believed, that the folks who truly have the toughest job to do in the military are the families. They’re the Quiet Warriors. Now, don't get me wrong. After more than thirty years of active duty service and seeing all that I saw in those years, I know our warriors have a tough job to do. But, you know, we warriors sign up to do those tough jobs. When we go to battle we know that there's a possibility of not returning. When we get into battle we do what we're trained to do and we know what our responsibilities are. A warrior accepts the fact that, if required, she will give her life for her fellow warriors and her country.

Military families don't sign up for any of that. The really young families don't know that part of their contract is to possibly live a large portion of their lives without their spouse or without their parent. Oh, we tell them, but being told and living it are two different things. I recall, assigned to Ramstein Air Base in Germany not too long ago, I'd take every opportunity I could to go out to the DV (Distinguished Visitor) Hangar as a C-130, C-5, C-17, or some other type of aircraft would make it's turn toward that hangar. I'd stand there at attention and wait. I'd wait until the DVs in the aircraft were taken off. They called this the Missing Soldier Ceremony. The DVs were Warriors. They were taken off in flag-draped coffins. Luckily, Germany is usually wet most of the year, so I often credited the moisture in my eyes to the weather. As I'd stand there at attention, saluting my brothers and sisters in arms who made the ultimate sacrifice for freedom, I'd think about that little boy or girl who's daddy or mommy was not coming home as expected. What do you tell a three or four year old son or daughter who asks, "Where's my mommy?" Or, "When's Daddy coming home?" Oh, you tell them the truth as best you can, and you hug them and assure them that all will be time. I'd also think about the spouse who already had twice the work to do for what was supposed to be a short time, but now would have those responsibilities for life. Military families have always had the toughest jobs, and they always will. They're the Quiet Warriors.

We should never forget the sacrifices past warriors have made for us but at the same time we should always remember the service our military families provided those warriors so that they could do what they did. And their work never stops. They continue to be the backbone of the Warrior Spirit.
Veterans Day is a great day to honor all of our Warriors. Let's make this a great day and honor our military families, the Quiet Warriors!

bob vásquez

Friday, 7 November 2008

Stinkin Deployments!

We have been home for almost two weeks and things have been really good. The baby adjusted better than I could have imagined. The kids started school and are enjoying being back with their friends. I never thought I would say that I liked England, but after being in NM for three months, England has grown on me.
It could just be the time of year. The fall foliage here is breathtaking. I love seeing all of the beautiful colors and seeing all of the leaves on the ground. Every time I see the maintenance people with their leaf blowers I am tempted to stop my car so that I can jump in a pile leaves. I love the fall!
We are about 4 months into this stinkin deployment and things are going as well as can be expected. I think there is a law somewhere that says you can’t complete a deployment until you will have at least one trip to the ER, all of your kids will get a stomach virus at the same time as you, your car will break down and one of your kids will try to see how far they can push you. Since we got all of that accomplished in the first three months, it seems like we are just killing time right now. Gotta love those stinkin deployments!
Since we have been home I have been busting my booty trying to get rid of stuff and make a little bit more room in this house. I have no idea how we acquired everything we have, but man we have A LOT of crap! I am hoping that we can get base housing in the next few months. We are on the list for a brand new 4 bedroom and I can hardly wait!
The reason I am writing this blog is to say sorry to all of my family and friends. I know that I have had a pretty crappy attitude since we moved here, and I am sure all of you have heard way too much griping from me about it. I had postpartum depression after I had Azariah and it wasn’t diagnosed until he was 8 months old. I was so miserable. I feel so bad for my husband and the kids because I was always in a fit about something. I don’t think we went a day without me saying “just another reason why England sucks ass.” With the help of a lot of prayer and Prozac I am doing much better and ready to embrace the once in a lifetime opportunity that my family has been given.
I just have to say that without my husband and kids I would have definitely lost my mind. God has blessed me with the most amazing man in the entire universe. He loved me when I was at my most unlovable. He has been so patient with me and stepped up with the kids. He helped with the housework, went to conferences, dr. appointments, took the kids to Karate, basketball practice, went to school full time and still managed work over forty hours a week!
My kids have been so good. They adjusted to having a new baby and have helped me more than I could have imagined. Sometimes I think they help too much, because Azariah is such a stinker! He is one stubborn little boy. He knows how to get his way and he will do whatever it takes to get what he wants. He has both of his sisters and his brother wrapped around his finger!
I am hoping that now that we have our lives a little more under control I will be able to blog more often. I know I covered A LOT in this blog, but since the baby has given me a few minutes I figured I would write everything that is on my mind.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Hi I'm Dorothy

A friend of mine wrote this and I wanted to share.

As you all know, the military has a way of uprooting a perfectly fine and happy family at the most inopertune times and placing them in the most unlikely places and situations. Its like the Wizard of Oz. I know, what an anology, but just play along. Its seems as if our entire life gets picked up and slammed down into something so unfamiliar, you’d swear you were dreaming. Or at least you’d wish you were. The military has a way of choosing the oddest variety of people to be neighbors. They place them all together, with the only similar interest being - the military - and make them all get along.(aka Dorothy, the Lion, the Scarecrow and the Tinman) Sometimes it works! I have some great neighbors. They treat you like family and would do anything for you. But you are not always so lucky. They’re some that are heartless, and scared and even some that you swear their brain fell right out of their ears. In every neighborhood their is a " wicked witch" just watching you and stiring up trouble. They’ll get you and your little dog too. I promise! They will send down their "little monkeys"(aka kids) and they will tear up your home and hurt your childrens feelings. Sometimes you just want to pick up your house, slam it on top of them and take their pretty shoes. You can only hope they’re in your size!! But in the end the military( the great and powerful Oz) will grant you your wish. No, the viscious neighbor wont melt( although, that would be nice) but your newly aquired, pretty shoes will take you to a place far far away. They’ll pack up your whole world once again, And all that you’ve been through will be just a memory...lets just hope this time they slam your house down in a much nicer place with much nicer people. Just remember, theres always a "good witch" and a "wicked witch". Watch you back. You never know who is who.

Thursday, 30 October 2008

it's been a while

Ahhhhh, I finally have a few minutes to myself. All of the kids are upstairs playing the Wii, so I figured I would post a short blog to let everyone know what has been going on in the world of Horne.
As most of you know Allen left for his 7th deployment in July. He took a team of 13 guys and has been keeping busy in the desert. For a while he had considered applying for a commission in the Army, but THANK GOD that was short lived. He decided that when he gets home he will apply for OTS and try to get a commission in the Air Force. Please keep him and his guys (and their families) in your prayers.
Since Allen was gone, the kids and I decided to go back home for a few months. I decided that I would home school them, and keep them on the same curriculum that they were on in DODDS. I think home schooling was the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life. Getting Ritza to do math was like pulling teeth. Martina has a hard time in math, so spent a lot of time on it. Ricky loves math! He would do his assignment in 15 minutes. But getting him to do anything else was a nightmare. I think I spent over $300 a Barnes and Noble trying to find a book that he would enjoy reading. It was nice Because school only took a couple of hours a day, but those 2 hours were HARD!
While we were in NM Ricky decided that he wanted to play tackle football. I was a little reluctant, but with a little persuasion he convinced me. Man, football is a HUGE commitment. We had practice 5 days a week for 2 hours a day and after games started we had practice 4 days a week and a game on Saturday. Thank GOD I had my dad there to help me. He would go to practice once or twice a week, so that I could get home before 8pm. I don't think I ever missed Allen more than I did during football season. It was hard, but we managed and Ricky had a great time.
Azariah turned a year old and started walking while we were in NM. He is a little terror. He got kicked out of nursery at church every Sunday that we went, because he is so rough. I don't think he was trying to be mean, but he doesn't know how to interact with kids his age. This deployment has been really hard on him. After Allen left he quit eating table food. All he wants to do is nurse and use me as his pacifier. Poor little guy!
The kids and I came back to England on Saturday and we had planned on staying until right before Thanksgiving. Then the girls went to Club Beyond (the youth group at the Chapel) and they saw all of their friends and they came home and told me that they don't want to go back to NM. I asked Ricky how he felt and he said that he wanted to stay here and go to school with his friends too, so yesterday I enrolled them back in school.
Now that I am home I am hoping to have more time to organized the house and maybe work on weaning Azariah. I can't believe he is 13 months old and has never slept in his bed. I used to be so good about keeping the kids on track. The girls and Ricky were sleeping through the night by the time they were 2 months old. I had them weaned by the time they were a year, they always took naps and stayed on schedule. Azariah has a mind of his own and he is just as stubborn as his daddy. I think I have finally met my match, with a 26 pound little man named Azariah Francisco Martina Horne! Wish me luck cause I think it's gonna be a bumpy ride!

Saturday, 24 May 2008


It's been quite awhile since I have been on here. Seems like there just aren't enough hours in the day to keep up with everything that I need to do. I will post some pics as soon as I get some free time this weekend....